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In a game of darts, what is the lowest number that cannot be achieved with a single dart?


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Which US president was inducted into the wrestling hall of fame in 1992, having only been defeated once in roughly 300 matches?

Abraham Lincoln

Taking 800 wickets between 1992 and 2010, which Sri Lankan bowler holds the record for the most wickets taken in Test Match history?

Muttiah Muralitharan

By winning the 2012 Australian Open, Victoria Azarenka became the first player from which country to win a women’s grand slam singles title?


Which then amateur player reached the Wimbledon semi final in 1977?

John McEnroe (aged 18, he was defeated by Jimmy Connors, who was then defeated by Bjorn Borg in the final)

The Marquis of Queensbury formalised rules for which sport?


In which decade did Roger Bannister run the world’s first recorded four minute mile? a) 1940s b) 1950s c) 1960s?

b) 1950s

Who is the older of the Williams sisters - Venus or Serena?


In which sport could you win the Davis Cup?


What nationality is the former professional tennis player Pat Rafter?


How many teams compete in the football Premier League?


In which sport would you find the terms madhouse, bed and leg? A) Polo B) Cross Country Skiing C) Darts ?


Clean, Jerk, and Snatch are terms used in which sport?

weight lifting

In the sport of Elephant Polo, is the pitch larger or smaller than that of a regular polo pitch?

Smaller - about three quarters the size due to the slower speed of the elephants.

Who was the first ever wrestler to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Andre The Giant

How many players have been sent off in a world cup final? A) 4 B) 5 C) 6?

B) 5 - Pedro Monzón and Gustavo Dezotti for Argentina, Marcel Desailly and Zinedine Zidane for France, and Johnny Heitinga for Netherlands.

In which century was the first ‘Grand National’ horse race? A) 18th B) 19th C) 20th? ?

B) 19th century (1839)

In which country were the winter Olympics first held?

France (1924)

Who holds the record for the most home runs in a single Major League baseball season?

Barry Bonds (73 home runs in 2001)

Yokozuna and Ozeki are the top two ranks in which sport?

Sumo Wrestling

Which country won the Women’s world cup in 1999, leading to probably the most iconic image in women’s football to this day?


How many Olympic gold medals did Usain Bolt win A) 9 B) 10 C) 11?

  A) 9 - Bolt won the 100 m, 200 m and 4 × 100 m relay at three consecutive Olympic Games, although he lost the 2008 relay gold medal about nine years after due to a teammates doping disqualification.

How many points did Liverpool record in the 2019/20 Premier League season before football was postponed?


Who was the only football team to sack Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager?

St Mirren

How many times has Rafael Nadal won the French Open?


Which team has won more trophies since the first Ryder Cup golf tournament in 1927 – USA or Great Britain/Europe?

USA (26 – compared to Britain and Europe’s combined total of 14)

Which international team currently sits top of the FIFA Men’s World Rankings? (April 2020)?


In which year did American Football star Tom Brady win his first Super Bowl with the New England Patriots?


Who is the only player to have scored in the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, Conference, FA Cup, League Cup, Football League Trophy, FA Trophy, Champions League, Europa League, Scottish Premier League, Scottish Cup and Scottish League Cup?

Gary Hooper

Who is the last non-British, non-German Formula 1 driver to win the World Driver’s title?

Kimi Raikkonen (2007)