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The aerial bombardment of which German city is described in Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse-Five?


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Which is larger by area - The Sahara Desert or Brazil?

The Sahara Desert (9.2M km square vs 8.5M for Brazil)

What is the capital city of Morocco?


Which 3 countries share a border with Spain?

France, Andorra and Portugal

Which city is closest to London in the UK? Manchester or Newcastle?


The now-abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is within which modern-day country?


When placed in alphabetical order, which country appears first under the letter C?

Cameroon (Cambodia is officially called the Kingdom of Cambodia)

Which volcano erupted in 1906, causing huge damage and over 100 deaths in the city of Naples?

Mount Vesuvius

Honshu island is the largest island belonging to which Asian country?


In which country would you find 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountains? ?

Nepal (some are wholly in Nepal (3), others are partly in China (4), 1 is partly in India) All are all in the Himalaya range.

Which country comprises a group of islands in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Iran?


Name the two South American countries that are landlocked. (1 point for each)?

Bolivia and Paraguay 

In which European city is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral?


Which two countries are joined by the Bridge of No Return?

North and South Korea - It was used for prisoner exchanges at the end of the Korean War

How much of Australia is classified as desert A) 15% B) 25% C) 35% ?

C) 35%

Originating in Germany, the Danube River empties into what body of water?

Black Sea

The Trevi Fountain is a famous fountain found in which European capital city?


Which countrys flag consists of red, yellow, and green horizontal stripes with a black star in the middle A) Ghana B) Zambia or C) Lesotho ?

1. Ghana

Which U.S. state has the lowest average rainfall annually?


Which European country generates over 70% of its annual electricity from nuclear power, the highest such proportion of any country in the world?


Opened in 1913, the oldest underground railway system in the Southern Hemisphere can be ridden in which South American city?

Buenos Aires

The island of Hispaniola is shared between Haiti and which other country?

Dominican Republic

Measured by area, what are the five smallest landlocked countries in the world?

Vatican City (0.17 square miles), San Marino (23.6 square miles), Liechtenstein (62 square miles), Andorra (180.55 square miles) and Luxembourg (998.6 square miles)

Which sea, on Earth, has no beaches?

Sargasso Sea (an area of the Atlantic Ocean which has no land border)

Brazil was once a colony of which European country?


Which African country was Idi Amin president of?


Where are the 2024 Summer Olympics to be held?


Which country is home to the longest canal in the world?

China (Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal)

In which country would you find the Troodos mountains?


There is only 1 state in the whole of the United States whose name does not share any letters with the word ‘mackerel’. Which state is it?